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The Frederick High School Bands Program currently has a symphonic band which has students split among a wind ensemble, concert band, marching band, and small ensembles.  We also offer two jazz bands, a percussion ensemble, and a color guard class.  There are over 120 students involved in the FHS Bands Program.

The Frederick Bands perform annually at the UNC Jazz Festival, the Legends Jazz Festival, St. Vrain Band Night, the Greeley Marching Invitational, four local parades, halftime performances, and four formal concerts.  They have performed at Walt Disney World and Branson, Missouri.


Director of Bands

Mr. Christopher Thomas

Mr. Thomas is a Colorado native.  He has his BME and MME from the University of Northern Colorado.   He has taught music since 1997 and has been the director of bands at Frederick High School since 2001.

Mr. Thomas has been married to his wife, Shelene for over 22 years. They have two boys, Conner who is 16 years old and Braden who is 13 years old. In his spare time he enjoys gardening, hiking, and skiing.  He is a proud member of the tri-town community and loves teaching at a school within the community he lives.


              Mr. Thomas’ Schedule 2019              

A Day                                         .  B Day

Block-1 Color Guard                Block-5 Percussion Ensemble

Block-2 Symphonic Band       Block-6 Music Theory

Block-3 Jazz Band                  Block-7 Advanced Jazz Band

Block-4 Plan                            Block-8 Plan

Additional Band Staff

Mr. Kyle Liss– Band Director

Stephen Bott and Madeline Armour- Percussion

Donna Smith, Dan Smith, Amy Smith, and Michael Gonzales- Color Guard

Zack Brake- Visual and Brass Tech

Chris Meier- Drill Writer

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