Disney 2023 Trip Information

Important Links & Notices

  1. FHS Registration Form (MUST COMPLETE TO REGISTER!)
  2. AdvantEdge Tours Registration Form (MUST COMPLETE TO REGISTER!)
  3. AdvantEdge Tours Login Page for Monthly Payments
  4. SVVSD Risk & Hold Harmless Agreement: English | Spanish
  5. SVVSD Medical Permission Form: English | Spanish
  6. Costs and Inclusion Info: AdvantEdge Tours | FHS Music Foundation
  7. Insurance Info
  8. Payment Schedule
  9. Itinerary

Please note: The $200 deposit you paid directly to the FHS Music Foundation will not show up on your AdvantEdge online account. This is because the Foundation is collecting $370 for meals and other costs we will be paying directly. We are thus holding your $200 deposit, and will apply it towards these costs. ALL remaining payments will be collected by AdvantEdge tours and paid through them, without any processing fees! Please contact info@fhs-music.org if you have any questions.

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