FHS Music Department Fall 2022 Album

While the FHS Music Department has moved forward from the pandemic by returning to regular public concerts, for the Directors one important takeaway of COVID-era learning was the value of students getting real-world experience by engaging in recording projects. To that end, we decided that in lieu of an October concert in 2022, we would each do some kind of album project. This took different shape for everyone; for our Orchestra program, it became a film scoring project (as you can read more about below), for our Unified Modern Band it was a music video, and for Band/Choir/Jazz, it was a studio album experience. We hope you enjoy listening to and watching the fall 2022 Music Department Album! Click the links below to quickly find each group’s recordings:

Choir | Band | Jazz


For our recording project this fall, Director Kyle H. J. Liss chose to structure it as a film scoring concept. Each Orchestra broke into small groups and came up with potential themes for a video. They then voted on these themes, found public domain video clips that fit the winning theme, and storyboarded those themes. Mr. Liss then assembled the storyboards, chose the storyboard that was most ideal for scoring, and wrote a piece of music to fit each video (with help from Emmanuel G. on the video editing for two of the pieces). The groups spent several weeks rehearsing their piece, then recorded along to a metronome and digital string backing track while the video was playing on the projector, just like in Hollywood when orchestras perform and record a film score. Finally, Mr. Liss added additional parts as fit the composition, using professional-quality scoring tools such as Spitfire Audio’s BBC Symphony Orchestra and Apple Logic Pro X. This highly authentic project thus introduced our Orchestra students to the professional environment of film scoring.

The Awakening – KJ Liss
FHS Symphonic Orchestra

Gravity Well – KJ Liss
FHS String Orchestra

All Hallow’s Eve – KJ Liss
FHS Concert Orchestra


The fall brings different images for every person. Some of us dream of leaves falling and the nip of a chill while sipping a warm drink. Others live for the tricks and treats of halloween, and still others dream of a delicious meal shared with loved ones. Whatever your fall dreams are, we hope you find a track here that will fill you with warm memories, and vivid images of fall!

Pictures of Fall – R. Emerson and J. Jacobson
Bel Canto

Autumn Moon – J. Althouse
Cantanti Dorati

I Put a Spell On You – Arr. J. Narverud
Teri Feroci

Soli: Emma Jones, Jocie Simmons, Aurora Williams

September – Arr. M. Brymer
Varsity Blue

The Ash Grove – C. Strommen
Voce Profunde

The Nightmare Before Christmas Medley – Arr. A. Billingsley
FHS Combined Choirs

Soli – Jack Smith, Emery Ishmael, Cirisa Engdahl, Jackson Watts, Annalisa Hubnett, Tyler Spotts, Q Ramirez, Peyton Siders, Kaydence Young, Justin Valois


The Band program has many performing groups within it. This year the symphonic band recorded our new pep tune by the Steve Miller Band called “Fly LIke an Eagle”. This high energy piece encompasses the heart and pride we all share in our new mascot the Golden Eagle. The concert band recorded Wildfire! A fast piece that represents the swiftness of a wildfire. The unified band performed in two music videos. These amazing students overcome many struggles and love to perform. They really enjoyed covering the songs The Monster Mash and What Makes You Beautiful.

Fly Like an Eagle
FHS Golden Eagles Marching Band

FHS Concert Band

Monster Mash
FHS Unified Modern Band

What Makes You Beautiful
FHS Unified Modern Band

12/12/2022 Bands Concert


The FHS Jazz Program recorded three works for this project. Both The Gold Tones Jazz Band and The Blue Notes Jazz Choir each prepared a piece on their own. The Gold Tones recorded Straight Time by Greg Yasinitsky. This is a contemporary funk jazz tune that features Noah Weber on Tenor Sax. The Blue Notes recorded Come Fly With Me by Sammy Cahn and James Van Heusen, arr. Kirby Shaw. This arrangement of one of the most famous jazz standards features two improvised scat solos, sung by Aurora Williams and Ethan Noyes. Lastly, both groups combined for the song Moondance by Van Morrison, arr. Eric Van Cleave.

Straight Time – G. Yasinitsky
FHS Gold Tones Jazz Band

Solo Feature: Noah Weber, Tenor Sax

Come Fly With Me – S. Cahn & J. Van Heusen, arr. K. Shaw
FHS Blue Notes Jazz Choir

Scat Feature: Aurora Williams and Ethan Noyes

Moondance – V. Morrison, arr. E. Van Cleave
FHS Gold Tones Jazz Band + FHS Blue Notes Jazz Choir