About the Foundation

The purpose of the FHS Music Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Corporation, is to provide support and aid to the instrumental, choral, and non-performance music programs at Frederick High School and to those current and future students who participate in such music programs. To do this, the Corporation shall:

  • Encourage excellence in students interested in the choral, instrumental, and non-performance music programs at Frederick High School.
  • Promote a more active interest on the part of the community in the overall music programs at Frederick High School and those schools that feed students into Frederick High School.
  • Provide financial and logistical assistance for activities not covered by other school budgets.
  • Manage finances related to fund raising activities for music programs and activities not otherwise exclusively funded or exclusively managed by St. Vrain Valley School District and staff.

FHS Music Foundation Board of Directors & Officers


President: president@fhs-music.org
Managing Director: managingdirector@fhs-music.org
Treasurer: treasurer@fhs-music.org
Fundraising Manager: fundraising@fhs-music.org
Bingo Manager: bingo@fhs-music.org
Secretary: secretary@fhs-music.org


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