The Music Man Digital Program

Frederick Theatre Proudly Presents 

Meredith Wilson’s

Book, music, and lyrics by Meredith Willson
Story by Meredith Willson and Franklin Lacey

Presented by International Thespian Troupe 4391
on April 21, 22, 29, and 30
at the Frederick High Auditorium, 5690 Tipple Pkwy.

There will be a twenty-minute intermission.

This performance has been approved for all ages, though it does include scenes with suggestive dialogue and displays of romantic affection.

Please refrain from all flash photography, as it may disturb the actors and fellow patrons. Any video or audio recording of this performance is strictly prohibited.

The Music Man is presented through special arrangement with music theatre international (MTI). All authorized materials were also supplied by MTI.

Credits & Bios – Cast

Nicholas Aasmunstad (Sophomore) - Tommy Djilas
Nicholas is Tommy Djilas in this year’s production. He is a proud member of Frederick’s Thespian Troupe: 4391. Before coming to High School, Nicholas was cast as Peter Pan in Frederick’s Jr. Version of Peter Pan. While not on onstage, Nicholas competes in Speech and Debate and is on Frederick’s Boys Soccer Team.
Zach Bailey (Sophomore) - Chorus
Zach is a chorus member in this year’s production. This is Zach’s first production with the Frederick Theatre Program. He was previously cast as Sebastain in Coal Ridge’s production of The Little Mermaid Jr. When hearing of Music Man, it sounded fun for Zach to sing and act in. While not onstage, Zach likes to play piano, run Track for Frederick, and hang out with his friends.
Thomas Beeker (Senior) - Harold Hill
Thomas plays the lead role of Professor Harold Hill. Thomas is a proud member and President of Frederick’s Thespian Troupe 4391. Thomas has graced the stage in numerous roles in Frederick’s theatre productions in Newsies, Rumors, Starmites, Working, and most recently The Creature in the fall production of Frankenstein. At ThesCon, Thomas received the honor of Colorado Thespians, Critics Choice Thespy- Musical Theatre Solo. After High School Thomas will be attending Montclair State University to earn his BFA in Musical Theatre before beginning a professional career in film, tv and of course, theatre!
Oswin Conway (Freshmen) - Chorus
Oswin is a part of the chorus. This is his first production with Frederick. He has previously done musicals in middle school and is excited to do it here at Frederick. In his free time, Oswin draws, writes, and has played flute for seven years.
Giada DeJulio (Junior) - Ethel Toffelmier
Giada plays Ethel Toffelmier and a proud member of Fredierick’s Thespian Troupe: 4391. Giada has been doing theatre for as long as she remembers, being in Starmites, Working, QUARANTEEN. She is most proud of receiving the honor of Best Thespian for student directing Frankenstein.
Cirisa Engdahl (Junior) - Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn
Cirisa plays Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn. Eulalie is a proud member of Frederick’s Thespian Troupe 4391. During Frederick’s Summer Theatre Program, Cirisa has played Captain Hook in Peter Pan Jr and Scar in Lion King Jr. You may have recently seen Cirisa play The Bride in the fall play of Frankenstein. Cirisa is excited to be in this show for the amount of potential it has. When not onstage, Cirisa hangs out with her friends and family.
Xavier Garcia (Freshmen) - Charlie Cowell/Sales Man 5
Xavier plays Charlie Cowell and Sales Man 5. This is Xavier’s first production with Frederick Theatre. Xavier has previously done plays in the past and was interested in doing a musical again. When not onstage, Xavier enjoys hanging out with his friends and family as well as streaming on twitch.
Isabel Howell (Sophomore) - Mrs. Squires
Isabel plays a Del Sarte Lady, Mrs. Squires in the production and is her first show with Frederick. Isabel is a proud inductee of Frederick’s Thespian Troupe: 4391. You may have seen her first perform in Frederick’s One Act Festival. Isabel is also in Frederick’s amazing choir: Varsity Blue.
Lucas Howell (Freshman) - Constable Locke
Lucas is Constable Locke in the show. He was previously in Frederick’s Frankenstein. While not on stage, Lucas proudly represents Frederick on Boy’s Tennis, and Track team, and is in Frederick’s amazing Band program.
Emery Ishmael (Sophomore) - Mrs. Paroo
Emery is Mrs. Paroo in the show. Emery is a proud member of Frederick’s Thespian Troupe 4391. Emery recently performed Mama Mia as Rosie in District Wide All Together Now! She also participated in Frederick’s One Act Festival and did makeup for the fall production of Frankenstein. Emery has loved the story of Music Man and is excited to perform it with her friends. While not onstage, Emery plays piano and writes music along with hanging out with her friends.
Emily Noyes (Sophomore) - Chorus
Emily is a chorus member as well as the understudy for Mrs. Paroo. Emily is a proud member of Frederick’s Thespian Troupe 4391. Emily has done theater in Middle School in productions of Fiddler on the Roof Jr. and Mary Poppins Jr. Emily has worked spotlight in in last year’s musical, Working. You may have also seen Emily in the fall production of Frankenstein as Agatha. While not onstage, Emily loves to read, do yoga, and hang out with her friends and family.
Ethan Noyes (Junior) - Olin Britt/Barbershop Quartet
Ethan is a part of the Barbershop Quartet, Olin Britt. Ethan is a proud member of Frederick’s Thespian troupe 4391, also making the Presidential Scholars List. Ethan has previously worked as follow spot for Working and Frankenstein, a droid and understudy in Starmites, as well as Bert in Mary Poppins Jr. He also participated in Frederick’s One Act Festival. While not onstage, Ethan is in Frederick’s Marching Band, and plays piano and hangs out with his friends and family. Ethan has also made District Honor Band and Choir.
Tirzah Paice (Senior) - Maud Dunlop
Tirzah is a proud member of Frederick’s thespian troupe 4391, who you may have seen in the chorus of Newsies and Starmites and helping with house for Working. When not on stage, Tirzah can be found with friends, family, and relaxing when not doing homework. Tirzah has gotten accepted to CSU, Front Range Community College, and BYU-Idaho. Although she is undecided about what she wants to go into after high school, she has narrowed it down to Veterinary Science and Theatre.

Bethany Parker (Senior) - Marian Paroo
Bethany is the lead actress as Marian Paroo. Bethany has previously been in the orchestral pit for shows like Working. Bethany was planning on being in the pit again, but once she heard that Music Man was the musical, she felt compelled to audition. When not onstage Bethany plays piano and violin as a part of Frederick’s Orchestral Program. Bethany has made All State Band on Piano, All State Choir on Soprano 1, and All State Orchestra on Violin. Bethany plans to major in piano performance and minor in business, however her school is still undecided.
Madison Price Kohlert (Junior) - Chorus
Madison is a chorus member in the show, an Inducted member of Frederick’s Thespian Troupe: 4391. You may have seen Madison as a student producer and house manager for Frankenstein and was part of the Radio Show, School for Scandal.
Joelle Richard (Junior) - Alma Hix
Joelle plays a member of the Del Sarte Ladies, Alma Hix. Joelle is a proud member of Frederick’s Thespian Troupe 4391. She has being in Frederick’s Production of Starmites as a banshee, QuaranTEEN, House Crew on Working, and most recently participated in Frederick’s One Act Festival. While not onstage, Joelle dances at Dance Arts Studio in Broomfield, reads, draws, and taking piano lessons. She’s also received the President’s Scholar’s List.
Aylah Ruley (Freshman) - Chorus
Aylah is in the chorus of The Music Man. This is her first time doing musical theater with Frederick High School, and her first time in general. When not on stage, she plays the flute and is practicing the piccolo for band. In her free time, she enjoys playing relaxing video games, writing, and designing characters.
Sierra Sanchez (Sophomore) - Chorus
Sierra is a chorus member in this year’s production. Sierra is also a proud member of Frederick’s Thespian Troupe 4391. Sierra has done many productions of Mary Poppins Jr, Legally Blonde, while also appearing in Frankenstein as Justine and participating in Frederick’s One Acts Festival. When not onstage, Sierra enjoys singing in Frederick’s Cantanti Dorati Choir, babysitting, and hanging out with friends. Sierra has also made Middle School Colorado Honor and All State Choir, as well as making Honor choir this year.
Peyton Siders (Sophomore) - Chorus/Marian Paroo Understudy
Peyton is a part of the chorus as well as Marian’s understudy. Peyton is a proud member of Frederick’s Thespian Troupe 4391. Peyton has been in theatre throughout her middle school and high school in Mary Poppins Jr, The Little Mermaid Jr, Working, and just recently as Elizabeth in the fall production of Frankenstein and participated in Frederick’s One Act Festival. While not onstage, Peyton plays Tennis for the school and is in Frederick’s Choir Program. She made Middle School All State Choir in 7th and 8th grade.
Tyler Spotts (Junior) - Oliver Hix/Barbershop Quartet
Tyler plays a member of the Barbershop Quartet, Oliver Hix. Tyler is a proud member of Frederick’s Thespian Troupe 4391. Tyler has been in the theatre business for along time, appearing as Conrad Swibel in Working, and understudied Shrek in Shrek the Musical put on by Academy with DivaBee. While not onstage, Tyler enjoys playing DND. Tyler is also a member of the 2022 Colorado All State Tenor-Bass Choir.
Elizabeth Smith (Senior) - Jacey Squires/Barbershop Quartet
Elizabeth plays a member of the Barbershop Quartet, Jacey Squires. Elizabeth is a proud member of Frederick’s Thespian Troupe 4391. You may have also seen Elizabeth in the fall play, Frankenstein. When not onstage, Elizabeth plays piano, paints, and dances. Elizabeth plans to go to college for Astrophysics and Biochemistry.
Jack Dennis Smith (Sophomore) - Mayor George Shinn
Jack plays Mayor George Shinn. You may have previously seen Jack as Alphonse Frankenstein and Old Man Delacey in the fall production of Frankenstein. From that moment on, Jack was hooked into Theatre which is why he is more than happy to continue performing in Music Man.  When no onstage, Jack spends his time writing screen and stage plays, doing everything thing he can that is related to theatre.
Justin Valois (Junior) - Ewart Dunlop/Barbershop Quartet
Justin plays a member of the Barbershop quartet, Ewart Dunlop. Justin has participated in Middle School musicals and some of Frederick’s Jr Musicals like Lion King and Peter Pan. While not onstage, Justin likes to sing, dance, and hang out with his friends. Justin has also made All State and Honor Choir on five different occasions!
Brinley Weingardt (Freshman) - Zaneeta Shin
Brinley plays Zaneeta Shinn, Tommy’s sweetheart. This is Brinley’s first production in Frederick’s Theatre Program. Brinley has participated in summer theatre camps in the past such as Meg in Hercules. She also got the lead in her middle school’s production of The Little Mermaid Jr. While not onstage, Brinley is in Frederick’s Choir Program and recently participated in Frederick’s One Act Festival.
Monty Williams (Freshman) - Chorus
This is Monty’s first production with Frederick Theatre, being a chorus member in this musical. Monty previously helped with the fall play, Frankenstein. Monty was drawn to Music Man as he wants to be an actor and comedian in the future. When not onstage, Monty uses his vast imagination for role-playing games.
Micah Wittler (Junior) - Marcellus Washburn
Micah is Marcellus Washburn in the production. He is a proud member of Frederick’s Thespian Troupe 4391. You may have seen Micah perform in previous productions such as Sup Sup Sensiboi in Starmites, Freddy Martinez/Ralph Werner in Working, and Henry Clerval/Inspector Kerwin in Frankenstein. While not onstage, Micah is in Frederick’s Choir Program in Varsity Blue and plays for Frederick’s Varsity Boys Basketball Team. Micah has also received the Thespian’s President Scholar.
Zoe Wittler (Freshman) - Chorus
Zoe is a part of the chorus. She previously helped with Frederick’s fall play, Frankenstein as a part of the hair and makeup team. Zoe was drawn to join this production after having such a fun experience in Frankenstein and loves watching her older brother perform in previous productions. While not onstage, you may have seen Zoe on Frederick’s Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team!
Kaydence Young (Junior) - Chorus/Eulalie Shinn Understudy
Kaydence is a chorus member and understudy for Eulalie Shinn. Kaydence is a proud member of Frederick’s Thespian Troupe 4391. In Freshmen year Kaydence was chorus in Starmites and Theresa Liu and Candy Cottingham in Working. Kaydence loves theatre and is excited to be a part of this musical, hanging out with the people that’ve become her family. While not onstage, Kaydence likes spending time with her friends and family.

The Children of River City


Eli Bailey

Avery Briggs

Owen Deepe

Natalie Depee

Adalaide Elggren

Nevaeh Espinoza

Ashlyn Felz

Jayli Fifield

Samantha Furr

Nicholas Furr

Sophie Gebs

Maggie Grimsley

Caleb Haynie

Hattie Iverson

Niels Iverson

Payton Lorimer

Lucy Noyes

Rachel Noyes

Hailey Pollard

Alyssa Rossiter

Charlotte Sedgewick

Cooper Siders

Kinley Spotts

Brayden Spotts

Jocelyn Spotts

Elaina Thorpe

Piper Whitehead

Andrew Wittler

Caleb Wittler

Delilah Wright

Credits & Bios – Pit

Mrs. Kim Allred - Flute
Mr. Bright Ansah - Trumpet
Ms. Fatima Bahraini - Trombone
Mr. Peyton Brauch - Trumpet
Mr. Braden Collison - Trumpet
Ms. Dee Dee Flanagan - Keyboard Reeds
Levi Friss (Senior) - Violin
Levi is a part of the orchestral pit, playing the violin. This is Levi’s first production with Frederick Theatre, drawn to play in Music Man, especially since he loves the early 1900’s sounds. Levi has played the violin for six years. Levi plans to go to Colorado State University to major in Biomedical Science and Music Composition.
Lindsay Gebs (Senior) - Cello
Lindsay is in the orchestral pit, playing the cello. Lindsay previously was a chorus role in the musical, Starmites, and wanted to try something new and chose the pit. While not onstage, Lindsay likes to play the cello as being a part of Frederick’s Orchestral Program, play DND, and read. Lindsay plans to go to BYU for a Biology Major and a Performance Minor.
Teacher Corban Green - Violin
Quinnen Gutierrez (Senior) - Percussion
Quinnen is part of the orchestral pit with acoustic and digital/MIDI Percussion. Quinnen has previously been in percussion for Frederick’s previously musicals of Starmites and Working. Quinnen plans to go to the University of Colorado to get a degree in Music Production and/or Composition.
Lily Haas (Sophomore) - Clarinet
Lily is a part of the orchestral pit playing the E Flat/ B Flat Clarinet and Soprano Saxophone. This is Lily’s first Frederick Production. Lily was drawn to Music Man having a love for music and wanting to challenge herself. When not onstage, Lily writes and notes and practices challenging section on her music. Lily has done band throughout her middle and high school career, making it to Honor Band twice. She is the section leader for the Woodwinds in band. In addition, she has been on Frederick’s Honor and is in Frederick’s Biomed Program.
Mr. Nicholas Johnson - Cello
Rylee Lorimer (Junior) - Baritone
Rylee is in the orchestral pit playing the baritone. Rylee is a proud member of Frederick’s Thespian Troupe 4391. For the past three productions at Frederick High, Rylee has worked tech. She was part of the dance chorus of Fiddler on the Roof Jr. and Mary Poppins Jr in middle school. Rylee is most proud of being stage manager for the fall production of Frankenstein and took that experience to ThesCon as a tech IE, which a Frederick Thespian hasn’t done since 2018. When not onstage, Rylee likes to play the piano, draw, or write her book.
Levi Mays (Senior) - Trombone
Levi is part of the orchestral pit, playing the trombone. He previously worked on the tech crew for Frederick’s previously musicals of Newsies and Starmites. Levi also participated in Solo and Ensemble and scored a perfect! Levi plans to go to Front Range Community College and then transfer to Colorado University of Boulder to become and Environmental Engineer.
Riley McGroarty (Junior) - Drumset
Riley is part of the orchestral pit, playing drumset. This is his second show with Frederick Theater, the first being Working, for which he also played drumset.
Jaxon Noel (Sophomore) - Bass
Jaxon is part of the orchestral pit as Standup Bass. This is Jaxon’s first production with Frederick Theatre. Jaxon was drawn to being a part of this production because his brother said it was fun! Jaxon has been playing the Bass for over four years.
Brendan Nowak (Senior) - Keyboard Reeds
Brendan is in the orchestral pit playing the Baritone Sax, Clarinet, and Bassoon. This is Brendan’s first Frederick Production and is excited to be a part of it. Brendan spends much of his time at school, doing school outside of school and playing piano. Brendan also likes to game and read. Brendan plans to attend Mesa University for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.
Mr. Ken Siders - Keyboard Reeds

Credits & Bios – Tech/Crew

Ellie Anaya (Junior) - Assistant Stage Manager & Props Master
Ellie is Assistant Stage Manager and Props Master for this production. Ellie is a proud member of Frederick’s Thespian Troupe 4391. She previously helped with last year’s musical, Working, as Sound Assistant and Media person. While not onstage, Ellie plays Girls Basketball and is a part of the Civil Air Patrol.
Leea Beeker (Sophomore) - Assistant Costumer/Stagehand
Leea is the Assistant Costumer in this year’s production. You may have seen her perform in the fall play of Frankenstein and has done community theater in the past. She was excited to be a part of this production, especially loving the overall aesthetic and the people she gets to work with. While not onstage, spends her time writing scripts, singing, and drawing.
Gray Carney (Freshmen) - Follow Spot
Gray is a follow spot for this production. Gray first worked sound in the fall production of Frankenstein and really enjoyed the experience. When not working tech, Gray enjoys painting, drawing, listening to music, sewing, as well as blogging about art and writing.
Nova Clark (Freshman) - Makeup
Gwen is working the makeup for the show and has previously helped with the costuming of the fall play, Frankenstein. While not onstage, Gwen makes a lot of kandi and plays Animal Crossing.
Emmanuel Gonzalez (Freshman) - Sound Technician
Emmanuel is  a Sound Technician. Emmanuel previously worked as a Sound Technician for the fall play, Frankenstein. Emmanuel was drawn to work on this because since he’s never worked on a musical before. When not working tech, Emmanuel spends his free time building and painting gundam model kits and teaching himself programming.
Kate Greiner (Freshman) - Lighting Designer
Kate is the Lighting Designer for this year’s production. This is Kate’s first Frederick Production. Kate’s helped with the tech with Frankenstein and the One Acts Festival. While not working tech, Kate is on Frederick’s Swim Team, participates in scouts, draws, and plays the guitar and ukulele. Kate has also had 4.0 throughout middle school and high school and is a part of the P-TECH program.
Will Greiner (Senior) - Stage Manager
Will is the Stage Manager for this year’s production. Will is a part of Frederick’s Thespian Troupe: 4391. Will has been with Frederick Theatre throughout High School as Head Sound Technician. He is Frederick’s Thespian Vice President. You may have seen Will onstage as the lead in Frankenstein as Viktor Frankenstein. He was also voted as Best Thespian in the fall. Will plans to go to University of Wyoming for Stage Technology and Mechanical Engineering.
Izzie Jones (Freshman) - House Manager
TJ Mogensen (Freshman) - Sound Technician
TJ is a sound technician for this year’s production. TJ was drawn to join the theatre program from hearing how fun musicals are from his peers. While not working on tech, TJ is an active member of Boy Scouts of America, working on getting his Eagle Scout Rank. He is also a part of Frederick’s Drum-Line and loves to game with his friends.
Max Pittman (Freshman) - Stage Hand
Max is a stage hand for the show. Max previously helped with the fall play, Frankenstein. Beginner stage tech was very fun for Max and so he wanted to continue with this production. While not working tech, Max plays the bass guitar and participates in Game Club.
Kaden Spirz - Chief Carpenter/Stagehand
Mia Salas (Freshman) - Head of Costuming
Mia is our head costumer for the show. In middle school, she acted in the TVK8 production of Cinderella, and she was also Head Costumer for her first play at FHS, Frankenstein. She loves theatre, and wanted to take on the role of Head Costumer in this production to challenge herself with something on a very large scale. When not working on tech, Mia loves anything design related, including interior and graphic design, and visual art.
Atlas teVelde (Junior) - Tech Crew/Stagehand
Atlas is a part of the tech crew for this production. Atlas has previously worked on a part of the build crew in Starmites and Frankenstein. Atlas loves the theatre family, eager to work on whatever production Frederick has. While not working on tech, Atlas enjoys art and drawing lots and lots. In addition, Atlas also enjoys sandbox building games.
Saloga Thane (Sophomore) - Tech Crew
Saloga is part of the tech crew. This is Saloga’s first production with Frederick. Saloga has been been on the High School Honor Roll throughout high school.
Ashlynn Torres (Junior) - Double Bass
Ashlynn is on tech working with makeup and marketing. Ashlynn previously worked tech her freshman and was excited to do it again this year. Ashlynn proudly on Frederick’s honor roll. When not working the tech, Ashlynn represents Frederick’s Cross Country team and is an artist.
Justin Vick (Junior) - Construction/House Crew
Justin is a part of the construction crew and on house-crew. Justin has an eye for construction, and loves working with his hands, whether that be with cars or wood like for the shows. When not on stage, Justin also has done orchestra for over five years.
Jackson Watts (Freshmen) - Follow Spot Operator
Jackson is a spot light operator in this year’s production. Jackson previously worked as House Manager for the fall play, Frankenstein. Jackson was drawn to work in Music Man, to know more about Theater. When not working tech, Jackson sings in Frederick’s Tenor/Bass Choir.

Bios – Directors & Staff

Mr. Brandon Coon - Director
Mr. Kevin Brown - Vocal Director
Mr. Kyle H. J. Liss - Musical Director, Conductor, and Piano
Ms. Joanne Senior - Choreographer
Mrs. Amy Riddoch - Choreographer

The Story


Scene 1: On the Rock Island Train

“Rock Island” — Charlie Cowell and Salesmen

Scene 2: Morning in River City

“Iowa Stubborn” – Townspeople

“Trouble” — Harold Hill and Townspeople

Scene 3: The Paroo Family Home

“A Piano Lesson” — Marian and Mother Paroo

“Goodnight My Someone” — Marian and Amaryllis

Scene 4: The July Fourth Celebration at Madison Gymnasium

“Colombia, Gem of the Ocean” – Eulalie and Townspeople

“Trouble (reprise)” — Harold Hill

“76 Trombones” — Harold Hill and Townspeople

“Ice Cream/Sincere” – Olin, Oliver, Ewert, and Jacey

“Sadder but Wiser” — Harold Hill and Marcellus

“Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little” — Eulalie, Maud, Ethel, Alma, Mrs. Squires, and Ladies of River City

“Goodnight, Ladies” – Olin, Oliver, Ewert, and Jacey

Scene 5: Afternoon at Madison Library

“Marian the Librarian” – Harold Hill

Scene 6: River City, one week later

“My White Knight” — Marian

Scene 7: The next day

“Wells Fargo Wagon” — Townspeople


Scene 1: Saturday evening at Madison Gymnasium, a week later

“It’s You” – Olin, Oliver, Ewert, and Jacey

“Shipoopi” – Marcellus and Townspeople

“Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little (reprise)” — Eulalie, Maud, Ethel, Alma, Mrs. Squires, and Ladies of River City

Scene 2: One week later, the day of the social

“Lida Rose” – Olin, Oliver, Ewert, and Jacey

“Will I Tell You?” – Marian

“Gary, Indiana” – Winthrop, Marian, and Mother Paroo

“Lida Rose (reprise)” – Olin, Oliver, Ewert, and Jacey

Scene 3: The footbridge, sunset

“Till There Was You” – Marian and Harold Hill

“Seventy-six Trombones/Goodnight, My Someone” (reprise) – Harold and Marian

Scene 4: The Ice Cream Sociable at Madison Gymnasium

Scene 5: The footbridge, an hour later

“Till There Was You” (reprise) – Harold

Scene 6: The center of town, minutes later

“Finale” – Company

A Note from the Directors

It’s the first read thru. Our newly cast actors are sitting around a circle of tables in the Studio Theatre. The show starts with a train whistle and launches into a rhythmic recitation that is the granddaddy of the quick and quippy strains of Hamilton all of them love to sing. The song “Rock Island” resolves and, after a moment of silence, someone says what everyone is thinking:

“I don’t know what any of the words in that song mean.”

The blessing and curse of The Music Man is that it is a classic. Set in 1912, the show is a reflection of Meredith Willson’s youth in a town very much like River City in the years before two World Wars and a Depression changed American life forever. 110 years removed from the setting, the change is overwhelming: forget knowing terms like “demijohn,” “button hook,” and “thimble-rigger,” only a couple of students had ever ridden an actual train before and knew how a train moved. We soon had to teach them about bunting and bloomers, pianolas and pince-nez, cloches and cracker barrels.

All the while, a nagging thought was in the back of our minds: can our audience relate to this show?

1912 only looks like a peaceful year of halcyon days in comparison to the decades that followed. In reality, it was the epicenter of an era of change. After the American Civil War, westward expansion became western settlement as industry conquered the eastern cities and railroad tracks snaked across the frontier. As railways created easy transport for goods, “tank towns” that grew up around water stops for the trains. River City is one of these young towns.

1912 was a time of exciting new technologies: instead of scooping half-broken crackers from a barrel, Nabisco’s U-Need-a Biscuit in its cardboard box and wax paper provided a perfect cracker every time. The telephone was replacing the telegraph, and cities were starting to add electric lights and address numbers to homes (though these wonders wouldn’t reach River City and similar cities until the 1920s). The United States was finally contiguous, with the statehood of Arizona and New Mexico giving the flag 48 stars.

But not everyone was happy with such sudden social change. European authors like Honoré de Balzac were publishing novels that too frankly spoke on human relations for most families. Grocery stores started carrying tobacco and alcohol substitutes like Bevo and Cubebs that were legal to sell to children but encouraged addictive activities. New commercial goods and technology were replacing the old industries, causing anxieties among workers (like our aforementioned salesmen). And worst of all, the game of pool that had been banned in 21 states was now a popular entertainment.

The parallels between 1912 and today are strong. Just as the women of River City challenge the presence of Balzac in their library, parent organizations and politicians are clamoring nationwide over texts they don’t want in school libraries. Just as the parents worry their child may smoke a Cubeb cigarette or read adult material in the salacious magazine Captain Billy’s Whiz-Bang, parents today are concerned that their teens may start vaping or find adult material online. Modern technologies like solar panels and electric vehicles have great potential to change society, yet we need to consider the oil and gas workers seeing their industry shrink.

While set all the way back in 1912, we see The Music Man as a very modern tale, and after a couple years of social isolation and massive change, is (in our minds) the perfect way to portray how a community like ours can flourish in the middle of such divisiveness and anxiety: by embracing new ideas and their potential for good, by coming together on community projects, and by seeing the best in everyone.

Our show has shown us this firsthand, with donations of money to our musical from several community businesses. Our pit holds not just students but professionals and preschool teachers, all lending their talent to our orchestra. We have an amazing slate of child actors from all over the Tri-Towns that prove that our future is bright. When we got permission to bring parents in the building to help, they came rushing to build the set, feed the performers, and help us keep track of all the little ones. While we couldn’t be prouder of our achievements with this show, they don’t feel like they belong to just us, but everyone who has come together to bring Meredith Willson’s vision of the past to life.

This isn’t a classic because it is old: it’s a classic because it always feels new. We hope that you enjoy our love letter to our wonderful community.

Special Thanks


Chris and Anastasia DeJulio
Scott and Linda Beeker
Keith and Traci Lorimer
Jonathan Watts
Jill Sanchez
Alexa Wittler
Ashley Patterson
Keri Aasmundstad
Marianne Noyes
Michelle Rossiter
Kristin Fifeld

Martin & Rose Parr
Owen Etter
Darcy Richard
Suzanne Conway
Stephanie Johnson
Marie Wright
Loni Parker
Michaeline Haas
Ken and Carli Siders
Judy Ernst
Heather McClain

The Frederick Scout
Mary Goldsberry
Lucy Janssen
Katie Clementson
Karen Edwards
Ty Gordon
Janay Bird
Emma Dehner
Amy Riddoch
Marietta Hughes
Sydnei Slutsky

Ed Liss
Christopher Thomas
Sharon Davis
Christina Smith
Josh Marshall
Taggar Woods
St. Vrain Theatre Company
The Skyline High Theatre Department
Dr. Russell Fox and the FHS administration team
Dr. Don Haddad and the SVVSD district administration

Generous Support Provided By