SVVSD Jazz Avengers Combo

SVVSD Jazz Avengers Combo

Tuesdays in the 2021/2022 School Year, Starting September 14

3:30 – 5pm @ Frederick High School, Room C114 |  Led by Mr. Kyle Liss

Combos have long been one of the most influential ensembles in jazz music. The small ensemble nature of the group allows for a greater degree of communication, self-expression, and improvisation on the part of each member. A combo also provides the opportunity to explore and develop composition and arranging skills. Some of the most famous jazz albums and groups of all time have been created by combos, but because the groups are so small we don’t always get to explore them as much in the school setting.

Enter the SVVSD Jazz Avengers Combo! This new club, hosted at FHS and open to the whole district, is designed to gather St. Vrain students who have a special passion for jazz. This is an auditioned club, with the goal to play around the Tri-Town and Longmont communities in gig settings. If you are dedicated to jazz, this is the place for you! The group is open to all 9th – 12th grade students across SVVSD.

To audition, please send a video of yourself playing the below materials to Mr. Liss at You can upload to Google Drive/Dropbox/etc. and send a link if the file is too large. If you have any questions regarding audition materials, you can e-mail them to Mr. Liss as well. Auditions are due by September 3, 2021. Results will be given by September 7, 2021, and the club will begin September 14, 2021.

  • Winds: Concert Bb minor blues scale; 2 choruses of soloing on a Concert Bb blues; one blues head of your choice
  • Piano/Guitar: Bb minor blues scale; 2 choruses of soloing on a Bb blues; 1 chorus of comping on a Bb blues
  • Bass: 2 choruses of walking bass on a Bb blues; 2 choruses of soloing on a Bb blues (optional)
  • Drums: 2 choruses of swing groove marking the form on a 12-bar blues; 16 bars of any Latin or standard of your choice